WATCH GIVEAWAY: Martenero Model II: Founder

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Martenero Model II: Founder

Now, we did inquire as to how, precisely, the mechanical thermometer works within the watch. Unfortunately, we were not able to ferret out any details from the brand, nor were we about to open up the case to go on a treasure hunt. If I had to hazard a guess, it likely involves something involving a bi-metal strip that expands and contracts in response to the temperature (i.e. like what was found in the old mercury-capsule thermostats).

The Voutilainen GMR watch dial is produced from solid silver which has been hand-machine guilloche engraved. The applied hour markers are flat brushed on their surface for a very high-contrast, legible look. When it comes to the type of meticulous hand-made watches as we get from someone like Voutilainen and his workshop, there are rarely issues with parts (especially on the dial) that have improper finish applied. I happen to really like the new darker look of the deep gray dial against the Voutilainen GMR's 18k white gold case (as seen here). Actually, because the majority of these watches are on order only, Voutilainen allows you to choose either 18k white gold, 18k red gold, or 950 platinum as the case material for the Voutilainen GMR.

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From a dive watch perspective, the Kentex Marineman Seahorse is water resistant to 200 meters with a sapphire crystal, rotating diver's bezel, and well-lumed hands and hour markers. The bracelet also happens to have a diver's extension on it. The AR-coated crystal offers a lot of legibility, and you'll either hate, love, or feel ambivalent toward the magnifier lens on the crystal. I'm personally pretty ambivalent about it.

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