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Why is this even a question you ask? Who cares? Because I am always interested in why people like the watches they do. Why are Rolex Daytona (or most of their watches for that matter) designs so timeless? Why do people like busy watch faces? Why do so many people buy chronograph watches that never use them. I would venture to say that the majority of Rolex Daytona watch owners use the chronograph function MAYBE once a year or less.

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The quality of the case is very good for this price level. Solidly made, good surfacing, and a finish that you'll be proud of (sorry about any finger prints on it in the pics). You also have the black PVD version as well that gives you the all dark look and a different styled. If you are concerned about size, the PVD version appears smaller due to it all being black. The dial of the watch is the Lumzilla's best asset. You get the upgraded LUM-TEC GX MDV lume, as well as large numerals and hour markers and easy to read hands. I needed to live with the dial for a bit to really measure it up. At first I though the hands were too small, but they really aren't. The watch is bold looking but easy to read - a tough combination of traits. Many people ask me about lume quality. I can say that it is very good. With some charging, the lume stays bright and the application of the lume over the dial makes the entire face easy to read. The seconds hand is perhaps too small. It easily gets lost in the face. Black on black with just a red tip. If you like having a seconds hand, you might find yourself searching for it. However, I think that LUM-TEC did this on purpose. It was trying to give the face a more simple look, but still give you the benefit of having a seconds hand. Which means that it is sort of like a phantom seconds hand. Not too visible unless you are purposefully looking for it.

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It was originally planned for quartz movements to have sweeping hands, just like mechanical movements. This is in fact found on some quartz clocks today. But this style of seconds readout was very tough on the power source. The battery needed to be drained continuously to move the hand. Thus, it was decided that a "dead seconds" system be used - where the second hand moves just once each second, thus  reducing the power consumed from the battery. And low and behold that ticking seconds hand that is the hallmark of quartz watches was born. It is all about power consumption and keeping batteries alive in watches from 2-10 years.

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