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None of that is to say that the watch has nothing for seasoned watch lovers. Anything but. This is no cheap trendy timepiece. RSW is a good watch maker and the Outland 3H represents that. The finish and quality of the watch are quite good, and the piece is as ergonomic as it is "fresh." Let's start by looking at the case. Large and square with bent ends that serve as lugs. The case is 44mm wide in steel with black PVD, and various version with either sand-blasted steel or rose gold mixed with the black. The lug sections each have a row of three large hex bolts that look strong and masculine. They are matched by three more under the watch. There are other screws all over the case, though not so many as to look cluttered. The industrial design of the watch is cosmetic, but feels rugged. It also helps gives the piece a very modern and aggressive look. The design idea seems to be that "watches in the future are more functional than decorative."

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While the Kia Kaha has a solid caseback, the Magrette Kaitiaki (meaning "guardian or protector") has a exhibition caseback with a sapphire crystal window. Here, you can see the Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement, with a Magrette style engraved rotor. Back when I learned about New Zealand based Magrette I urged them to offer watches with rotors hand-engraved using the wonderful Maori style. Now you can see how lovely the result is after they decided it was a good idea. The Kaitiaki has another special feature. Buyers will get their names engraved on the back of the watch.

After years of struggle, and a complex accumulation of factors, the industry of selling watch is about to rapidly change. It isn't so much a matter of a black and white distinction (in terms of one thing is totally in and another thing is totally out), but the old business model is more or less - dying a slow, painful, and less than quiet death. Here is how it used to be - for well over 100 years. Watch brand sells watch at wholesale rate to watch retailer (known as the authorized dealer). Watch retailer sells the watch for the retail price and keeps the difference as its profit (usually about 50%). In exchange for buying watches from the factory before they are sold to consumers, retailers often (but not all the time) get exclusive rights in a particular area or territory in which to sell the watch. It was a win-win situation for people making watches and people who have the ability to sell the watches. This is the way it was, and people were happy (as long and consumers were buying watches that is).

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As a watch, the One Hertz will have a 43mm wide steel case with a style that resembles the seminal Gronefeld watch. The classic looking lugs suddenly feel modern when combined with the very contemporary looking dial. I can't wait to see what that circular grain polish on the dials looks like when the watch is done. It also looks like the marker ring for the seconds dial is smoked sapphire. This will be one interesting (and rare) timepiece from Gronefeld. Like I said, only 12 pieces will be available of the limited edition One Hertz 1912 watch. It is a risky move for the young brand, as dead-beat second mechanisms seemed to die with the quartz movement crisis/revolution. But then again, people today are always looking for something different, and I find it hard to imagine that there aren't 12 loyal (and wealthy) watch lovers out there that are gonna get excited about this piece. Price is 29,500 euros (before taxes).

Clearly the Gerald Genta style fits  better with Bulgari, than does Daniel Roth. I am curious to see what the later mixture with Bulgari will result in. Maybe I will find out shortly when I am at Basel. Back to the new Octo Bi-Retro Steel Ceramic watch. I have two images here of previous Gerald Genta watches. One is a previous Octo Bi-Retro, and other is a Gefica model that shares the same movement. The Gefica line was killer, and I hope that Bulgari retains it for the most part.

A big stainless steel case, wide and easy-to-read dial, military inspired triangular marker at twelve, thick leather strap with rivets. Where have I seen this watch before? Hamilton has not re-invented the wheel with the Khaki Pilot 46. Is is their take on the classic "Big Pilot" style inspired by watches worn by military aviators of the Thirties and Forties. This look has been undertaken by so many manufacturers that it has become almost as iconic as the Submariner style. While there is not much new that can be added to such a watch without looking gimmicky and departing from the true big pilot style, Hamilton has successfully incorporated some unique details and more importantly their ability to offer a good looking, high-grade, Swiss, automatic watch for under ,000.

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Watch On A Boat

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Watch On A Boat

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